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"INverso" Self Titled Full Length Album 2011. This album is inspired by alien sci-fi films of the late 70's. It has many themes but centers around anxiety, depression and feeling alienated. This album is about finding your true self and overcoming fear and guilt.


released February 1, 2011

Drizzy "Press Play" Dro (co writer & rapper on "Cee Mee")
All other music is written, performed, recorded, edited, mixed & mastered by Bradley Schultz.



all rights reserved


INverso Birmingham, Alabama

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Track Name: A.D.
You’re a part of this when it feels safe
Where’s your conscience now has it gone blank
You’re an empty shell, You’re a monster
How’s your protest now your enlightened
You’re the cause of this when it goes well
a ventriloquist, with no puppets
Your the first one to show, and the last to go
Make you’re presence known, with your contacts
Track Name: We Keep To Ourselves
We separate from everyone because it’s understood
You can’t relate to us so go do what you think you should
You act as if they gave us any chance in hell
it’s an easy sell, It’s an easy sell, We keep to ourselves

They call you damaged so you keep your pages underground
You medicate in case they make it one more time around
These circumstances got you hanging by the shelve
We don’t need their help, We don’t need their help,
We keep to ourselves, We keep to ourselves

They call you manic but you’re not supposed to make a sound
You fill with panic but you won’t let everybody down
Humiliation puts you further down the shell
Hope you’re doing well, like you couldn’t tell,
We keep to ourselves, We keep to ourselves
Track Name: Bombshell
Its my world, my mind, my mind I’ll be fine
This town, this time, this one will be mine,
So don’t wait, don’t wait, don’t worry bout me
This night, hold down, hold tight I’m alright

Pretty little waitress
I can feel your hatred
Pulling on my heart strings
Dropping all your hot teas
There’s a little hotel
Really really won’t tell
When you gettin’ off here
See you when you get there

Don’t remember much so I guess I better run
Don’t recall your name and I don’t care where you're from
Your dull conversation is making me numb
Your dull conversation is making me numb

It’s too late, to tonight, to fight, I’ll be nice
This can't, go right, no way out this time
So don’t lie, don’t pray, don’t end up this way
Hold down, hold tight, this night, I’m alright

Pretty little bombshell
I can feel your heart melt
Move me to a small town
Then you burn my house down
Know I don’t belong here
This must be my nightmare
Hate to be a let down
I’ll be on my way now
Track Name: Get Along
Get along, get along, get along, with this one
Get along, Get along, get along with this one
Going back some day

Pick up, Pick up, Pick up where you’ve fallen
Come on , Pick up, Pick up where you’ve fallen
Going back some day

Listen up you phonies, outside to save
With your fiction evolving in front of your face
Look up at you all, no where to resolve
You got in the way, ya going back some day
Track Name: Broken Machine
There’s another voice inside of me
It almost makes me wish that I could end it fast
There’s another side you cannot see
An overwhelming feeling, I just have to pass it up
Feelin’ like a broken machine...
I can take you with me in my dream
It almost makes me think that I could open up
I can watch you moving in my sleep
Another broken memory I just haven’t had enough
Feelin’ like a broken machine
Track Name: Cee Mee (Feat. Drizzy Dro)
i wish i never met you
i wish i never seen your face
too late to regret you
you know i'll never leave this place
and now i don't remember
what made me think like this
no way to forget her
she gonna bleed this bliss

cee cee cee cee cee...
but you don't cee mee...
cee cee cee cee cee...
but you don't cee mee...

my perspective is so jaded i wish that we never met
not that the hate would be easier for me to forget
the memory's that eventually would keep me awake
wondering what could've been or
should've been but in the end
the love we had for each other it made us bitter
passion turned into anger, lovers become strangers
there's no justification for either one of our actions
we chose to separate because of
the problems that we was having
what happened? you answer that question
for those who ask
i can't discuss, i'm just trying to let go of the past
it's hard but the feelings i had for you are gone
packed 'em inside of a u-Haul and decided to move on
though i wish you the best, more so i regret
sticking around as long as i did
to try and nurcher your stress
it's bitter sweet that's how i describe this verse
i heart you every single day i'm on earth
and that's what's making it worse

cee cee cee cee cee...
but you don't cee mee...
cee cee cee cee cee...
but you don't cee mee...
Track Name: Sparkle
The world is big it won’t miss us,
You’re right it seems, we’re all worthless,
We like to think we don’t deserve this,
Your light is thick, it burns the surface,
You Sparkle like a bursting system in the sky-line
Your Sparkle eyes are turning this world into dust
The sky is white, it’s gone, it’s over
You right to think it’s fine, whatever
Track Name: You Never Say What You Mean
Nothings as it seems
But it’s all been the same to me
You never say what you mean
But it’s all been the same to me
It’s all been the same to me

Nothing is real
But it’s all been a game to me,
You never get what you need,
But it’s always the same with me,
It’s always the same with me,

Now that you know what you are
You don’t always get what you see
Come on inside there’s nowhere to hide
From me
Track Name: Talk Shit
Today, after your break
I’ll do you so much harm
I don’t think you will get much farther
Go back to your room
Lock up your doors
I’ll be home soon
I know you like to make things harder
Don't talk shit, Don't talk shit
Lay under your bed
Shorten your breathe, tuck in your head
Whatever you think is going to save you
Don’t try to escape
Where you gonna go? It’s too late
I don’t see you getting out of this one
Don't talk shit, Don't talk shit, Don't talk shit
Track Name: Empty Hour
We should not be here
Upon this empty hour
Clinging on to fear
Like some unhappy coward
And it’s so simple
Wasting a day
It’s not your fault
You were wasted always
We should not be here
Upon this empty hour
Clinging on to fear
Like someone should say something
I waste all my time
I’m scared of light
I waste all my time
I’m scared of light